Are You Making These Dresses For Short Women Mistakes?

Short Girl Dressing Mistakes

We are all blessed, some with extra inches and some with less. Being a short girl as I am myself 5’2″ the load increases when it comes to choosing my outfits. I have always been told how cute I look and most of the times people couldn’t recognize my actual age. That’s all great for me! But, on the other side, I do feel I need to be more selective with what I choose to wear. I believe the clothes I wear play a critical role in improving the proportion and creating the illusion of height.

Here I’m summarizing the most common mistakes that short girls may while dressing up. A helpful guide to avoid them and make choices wisely.

  • Tea-Length Dresses or Skirts

If you want your lesg to look longer, you should do is cut it off with a tea-length skirt or dress.

  • Massive Purses

Being a women we need it most of the times but try finding a clutch or a small purse that’s more proportional with your body height.

  • Turtle Neck

Flaunting your neck and décolletage is an unquestionable requirement for making yourself look longer and less fatty.

  • Oversized sweaters

There’s nothing superior to a comfortable, larger than usual sweater on a chilly day. All things considered, be careful: Unless you need to lose yourself in an ocean of strings, combine that thick weave with a few stockings or customized pants.

  • Calf-Length Boots

Calf-length boots may appear to be a smart thought, yet your legs are in an ideal situation with ankle booties. Try not to be hesitant to flaunt those stems!

If you are a short woman, consider these dont’s and the Infographic by “STYLECASTER” below for better shopping decisions.

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