Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Multiple Ear Piercing & Jewelry

Every year we can see a lot of fashion trends coming in the market, but not every fashion trend has the ability to stand out and make a place for itself. Cartilage piercing is one such thing that came and can still be seen prevalent in 2019 among the youngsters. One reason that makes it still a huge fashion trend is the various variations it comes in. People love cartilage piercing as they have a lot of options to choose from.

When we talk about cartilage piercing, we talk about nose or the ears where it’s usually done as cartilage is known to be a smooth tissue that protects and covers various structures like nose, ears and many other structures too. But here we’ll be only talking the cartilage piercing for ears. Variations of cartilage piercings can be seen which range from Helix piercing, Daith piercing, Conch piercing to plenty of other cartilage piercing styles. Let’s discuss more the different types of cartilage piercing as well as the various styles of cartilage piercing jewelry. Below are all the variations of cartilage piercing, so ladies, Here we go!

1: Helix Piercing: This piercing is the one that is placed on the outer rim of the ear known as the helix, hence the name helix piercing. The jewelry that is used for helix piercing are the hoops, studs, captive bead rings, or the seamless rings. This jewelry looks really pretty and also enhances the overall appearance of the person. It also comes in two variations which are:

• Forward Helix Piercing: Forward helix piercing is done on the area closest to the head. For this type, people generally prefer studs or hoops.

• Industrial Helix piercing: Also known as the Scaffold piercing, this cartilage piercing is the one in which two pierced holes (usually the helix and anti-helix) are joined with a single straight piece of jewelry,. Lots of people and even some of the celebrities are seen trying it. This cartilage piercing for sure knows how to give a bolder appeal to someone.

2: Anti-Helix piercing: Anti-helix is the type of cartilage piercing which is done on the raised ridge between the helix and the ear canal. This kind of piercing also comes in two variations namely the rook piercing which is performed on the upper ridge and the snug piercing which is performed on the lower ridge of the cartilage.

3: Tragus piercing: Tragus piercing is the kind of cartilage piercing performed on the tragus which is nothing but a small thick flap of cartilage just above the ear canal. A cartilage stud is considered to be the best choice for this kind of cartilage piercing.

4: Anti-Tragus: This cartilage piercing is done on the opposite side of the tragus piercing, above the earlobe. Generally, barbells, gauge studs or the captive bead rings are the ideal types of jewelry which are used for the anti-tragus piercing.

5: Daith Piercing: Daith piercing is performed on the small flap of cartilage that is present directly above the ear canal. Cartilage jewelry like the captive bead rings or seamless rings is used for this kind of piercing. Clickers’ rings are also an excellent option for daith piercing jewelry because of their ease of use.

6: Conch Piercing: Conch cartilage piercing like some of the above-mentioned cartilage piercing also comes in two variations which are the inner conch and the outer conch piercing. Inner conch piercing is done on the cup-shaped portion of the ear whereas the outer conch piercing is placed on the flat rim are located above the helix.

7: Lobe: This kind of piercing is the most common kind of piercing and can be seen on almost every other person. This kind of piercing is performed on the softest and the largest part of the ear. Earrings like studs, dangles or hoops are preferred for this type of cartilage piercing. These ones are the most preferred ones and look best on every person.
These all were the various types and styles of the cartilage piercing jewelry for ears. Like cartilage piercing jewelry, there are also various other kinds of jewelry like lip piercing jewelry, nose piercing jewelry and many more. These little things really enhance one’s appearance making them want to go for other piercing styles and jewelries.

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