Stylish Lip Piercing for an Original and Appealing Look

The youth of today’s generation is not scared of trying new things these days, One such cool thing is lip piercing jewelry. Many youngsters can be seen trying many variations of it in a way, which makes them stand out from the rest of the crowd. It’s not always the clothes, makeup or the accessories that make a person stands out in the crowd, sometimes a little change like piercing jewelry here and there can do it. It can definitely allure others without overwhelming your natural looks. The lip piercing jewelry which we most frequently see on the people who have tried it is the Labret piercing.

Labret piercing is located in the middle, slightly below the bottom lip. It basically consists of a single puncture which is swiftly placed there with the help of a needle. But there are a number of variations of lip piercing which can be tried with labrets like Snake Bites Piercings, Angel Bites Piercings, Monroe Piercings, Side labret Piercings and many more. In order to have a better understanding of it, let’s talk about them with more elaboration.

Side/Single Labret Piercing: This piercing is like the basic labret piercing, but the difference is that it’s not done in the middle of the lower lip. Instead, as its name suggests, it’s done on the left or the right side of the lip with a labret.

Labrets: As already discussed it’s any type of embellishment which is attached to the lip, usually below the lower lip.

            Labret Piercing

Vertical Labret Piercing: In this piercing, the lip is normally pierced like in the labret but, in this piercing both ends of it are visible. One end is directly below the lower lip, in the middle and the end is in the center of the lower lip.

Vertical Labret Piercing 

Monroe Piercing: This piercing is an imitation of the beauty spot of the famous actress Marilyn Monroe. It is done on the right side of the lip.

         Monroe Piercing


Madonna Piercing: Madonna piercing is similar to Monroe piercing but this one is done on the left side above the lip.

Madonna Piercing

 Medusa Piercing: Medusa piercing also known as the Philtrum piercing is done in the center, above the upper lip and directly under the septum of the nose.

Medusa Piercing

Ashley Piercing: This piercing is done in the center of the lower lip.

         Ashley Piercing

Jestrum Piercing: Jestrum piercing is the one in which the piercing is done from the center, above the upper lip with its exit in the middle of the upper lip.

Jestrum Piercing

Dahlia Piercing: Dahlia Piercing, also known as the Joker bite piercing, as it mimics the scars of a comic’s character, is done on both the corners of the mouth.Dahlia Piercing

Snake Bites Piercings: These are two piercings done on either side of the lower lip with a wide space between them. An individual may opt to wear labrets or curved barbells.

Snake Bites Piercings

Angel Bites Piercing: These are just the opposite of the snake bites piercing. These are again two piercings done on either side of lips. But on the contrary, they are done above the upper lip.

Angel Bites Piercing

Dolphin bites Piercing: Dolphin bite piercing is similar to the snake bite piercing. The only difference is the gap, which in dolphin bite piercing is less than the snake bite piercing.

Dolphin bites Piercing

Spider Bites Piercing: It includes two piercings which can be done below the lip on either side as per the choice of the person.
Cyber Bites Piercing: This piercing can be called as the combination of the labret and medusa piercing. It consists of two piercings, one at the center, directly above the lips and the other directly below the lower lip in the center.

Spider Bites Piercing

Shark bites Piercing: Shark bites piercing is just like the spider bites piercing but it’s present on both the sides.
Canine bite Piercing: Canine bite piercing consists of four piercings. This piercing style is a combination of angel bites and snake bites piercing.Shark bites Piercing

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