The Right Swimsuit For Your Body Type – [An Infographic]

Swimsuit For Your Body Type

Finding the right and sexy swimsuit for your body can be as simple as looking in the mirror. Instead of trying on numbers of tops and bottoms, simply determine what type of body you have and choose a right swimsuit that brings out its best qualities. This would definitely help you to find your perfect swimsuit based on your individual shape.

So, here I would like to share my own experience, as a girl with some curvier hips, I always use to a thought that boyshorts were my best friend. But after some time they have been my enemy, and probably the reason that I hadn’t found a perfect suit that I was entirely happy with!

Here are some more tips to remember while buying a swimsuit:

– Simply avoid using anything with ruffles on the top, as it is going to make your bust look fuller.
– Higher cut legs are better for slimming wider hips than boyshorts or any other styles that sit straight across the thighs part.
– Tops which are padded are also great for getting that extra boobage if you’re lacking in that department.
– Retro style high waisted bottoms simply help in hiding an unwanted pooch.
– Ruffled or string bottoms enhance your curvy hips.
– Prints which are tiny as compared to the large prints make you look smaller.

This infographic below by is perfect to choose the beachwear for women please have a look.

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