Some Basic Types Of Body Jewelry You Need To Know

When we talk about body jewelry, we see many types of jewelry worn on the different parts of our body such as nose rings, earrings, and belly rings. Jewelry is a special ornament in any festival or occasion, and it can be worn by both men and women of all ages.

Here we come up with some types of body jewelry, you just have a look:

Ear Jewelry

We all know that ear piercing is very popular. There are many types of ear piercing jewelry that can be wear in every time and occasion. The style of this jewelry is used on different ear piercings like Industrial piercing, Helix piercing, Conch Piercing, Daith piercing, and Tragus piercing, etc.

Nose jewelry

Nowadays the nose piercing and septum piercing are the most popular. Wearing a nose ring is a great way to add a little something to your style. When we talk about nose piercing jewelry it comes in various types such as Nose ring, Nose screw, Nose studs, etc. This piercing is liked by most of the girls and women of all ages.

Belly rings

The best part of this piercing is, that it comes with various types of jewelry and belly chains. There are different styles of belly button piercing, it depends on your creativity and the way you pierce your belly. When we talk about belly chains, it is a body ornament worn around the waist. These are commonly made of gold or silver.

Clearly, there are various types of body jewelry. Most of these are worn as fashion accessories. So, choose the best jewelry for your style and add them to your wishlist.

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