Panty fit guide for getting perfect fitting and size – [An Infographic]

Panty fit guide

Panty fit guide is about correct size and perfect fitting of a panty . Size is the first priority when it comes to wear perfect panty. Best women’ s underwear consist of good quality elastic. For a smooth look under dresses try panty styles that do not have extra fabric. How to measure your panty size and fit?

Step 1 Waist Size
Find your natural waist size . Wrap measuring tape around your waist, where you normally wear your pants. This is your waist measurement.

Step 2 Hip Size
Find the fullest part of your hips below your natural waist . Wrap measuring tape around your hip, snug, but not tight for correct hip measurement.

Step3 Find Your Size
After these measurements find your size on our sizing chart. If you fall between sizes consider the next larger size for yourself .

Here checkout the info graphics by showing Panty fit guide .

A good pair of panty is the foundation to stylish outfit . There are lots of stylish panties from Boy shorts to Thongs , you can choose from . Fabric is one of the most important factor while choosing a panty. Best women’s underwear have perfect fitting and style according to the dress. Panty wardrobe must be checked from time to time . Stretched waistbands and frayed body of panties are signs of time to buy new perfect fit panties .

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