I Am More Than My Body- A True Story

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I first came across this video in my explore page. I skipped past and went about my scrolling, only for the video to pop up again. This time, I click it open. And that is how I came across Reeneta Dutta, a plus size blogger and body activist from India.

As I read through her stories and experiences, I realized one thing – she is definitely on her way to self-love. Her topics range from her childhood stories of being bullied for being a plump kid, to find her freedom in being able to travel solo. She also shares a lot of her travel stories and experiences, while writing about the body-shaming she faces while on her trips. 

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2/6… On the same trip happened this incident which unfortunately left me a little irritated by the end of it. The vehicle hired for the group had two files of seating, the left being single and the right being a seat for two. For the complete trip I sat on the double side with a fellow traveler beside me, but on one instance did I exchange seats with the woman beside. Without any objection I agreed and shifted, to be taunted with a remark as soon as I sat – arre tu fit ho gayi? (Wow, you could fit in the single seat?). Coming from a rather educated person, it wasn't funny. . . . . #MoreThanMyBody . . . #MountainGirl #PlusSizeFashion #plussizestories #fatshaming #bodyconfident #bodypositive #effyourbeautystandards #PlusSizeBlogger #SayNoMore #LifeStruggles #fatshion

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What does set her apart from her peers is that while she is vocal about her problems, she is not aggressive about them. Her take on how the world sees her is related to how society has been attuned to think and act when they see a bigger, fuller woman. Her fashion is all about comfort, without compromising on how her outfits enhances her shape. 

Reeneta’s video is a real eye-opener for all those women out there who have been suffering in silence, being bullied day in and out and are considered a success or a failure based on how big or small their bodies are. The video correctly depicts the mood changes in a person as she begins to accept herself and make her journey much more than her bodily transformations. In just one minute she talks about body positivity in a heartfelt way that has definitely left its mark in our minds and hearts.

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