The Ultimate Bra fashion Vocabulary – [An Infographic]

Bra Fashion

How many times have you avoided wearing a certain outfit just because you didn’t have a matching bra? Most of the times, they choose the wrong size and stuff. Approx. 60%-64% of women are wearing the wrong bra and only 20%-24% know that they are wearing the wrong size? It’s even bad enough to confront so many color choices when it comes to buying a bra with the whole issue of making sure it fits correctly. When you see those different types of bra, then you come to understand why women are so bad at choosing the right bra. How many of these fashion Bras have you instantly recognized? Take to look at this infographic and examine yourself.


The bra is the basic need of every woman, so start with a professional fitting, understand the different types out there and most importantly invest in a bra that’s meant for YOU. The Lingerie market has bras for every season, Choose wisely to look sexy and glamorous.”

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