Cosabella Presenting 1 Tube Item In 14 Styles – [A Video]

The Tube- 1 Item, 14 Styles by Cosabella

If you are a creative person and different styles attract you, then you need to check out 14 styles with a tube that will change the way you look at lingerie.

Have a look at the video – By Cosabella and get one of these looks now!

  • With one tube lingerie, you can tie a necktie knot and look too sexy.
  • Just a loose wrap around your neck and you are good to go for a casual meet up.
  • How about a rolled neck shirt for your date, just insert your arms and twist your neck.
  • A cowl neckline style can make you look elegant and classy.
  • Use the tube as your two off shoulders by folding the excess fabric.
  • You can also use the style as one off-shoulder dress for your eveningwear.
  • Neckline fold over style can really look amazing on you.
  • A hooded shirt style can make you look chic and casual.
  • Draped back shirt style will surely turn many heads around.
  • The off shoulder faux shawl will make you look amazing and you can choose the length.
  • Off two-shoulder long dress will set you for the party.
  • The hooded dress can make you look so pretty.
  • One off shoulder long dress and you are set for a night out.
  • Adjust the tube lingerie and you are ready with your strapless dress.

Pick your style and look sexy!

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