Women’s Guide To Winter Running Gear – [An Infographic]

Women's Guide To Winter Running Gear

Winters comes with challenges when it comes to exercising…!

But with some extra planning and gear to keep your runs fulfilling and enjoyable through more extreme cold weather.

Representing the Infographic by Shape.com to make it clear about the layers to wear on a winter run.

Read on for some gym clothes and accessories that are sure to get you out of your fitness run.

– Jacket: We keep jackets on tops and by saying this we are not focusing on winter coats. Your jacket should be a  water and wind resistant with a little bit of lining to keep you warm.

– Pants: When it’s really cold, or really windy, wearing tights can feel like you’re wearing fish nets. So, consider wearng pants that are warm plus wind resitant.

– Face Masks: Get something that can protect your cheeks and lips too, but choose something that does not restricts the breathing. Even those old hats with the eye and mouth holes are better than most of the face masks in the market.

– Gloves:  You should be able to tie your shoe and adjust your clothes without taking off your gloves. Get something that is warm but not too bulky.

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